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Fort Collins-Based Multi-Genre Musician and Performer Metryst’s Self-Titled Debut Project “Metryst” Is Available on All Major Streaming Platforms.

Metryst is an extraordinary artist based out of Fort Collins, CO whose profound interest in music started when he was just a small kid living in South Florida. Hip hop and rap were the genres he grew up listening to most, and when he was 13 years old, he started playing the guitar. Metryst is a self-taught artist, with everything he now knows with regards to vocal layering, music creation and production, mixing, mastering, and engineering learned from YouTube tutorials as well as online research. That makes him pretty badass, if you ask me!

Inspired by the challenging circumstances his country has faced, and events that have betrayed the values of its honorable forefathers, Metryst entered the studio. This led to the creation of “Metryst”—his debut EP and the first time he integrated vocals into his work.

A 5-track masterpiece that borders hip hop, rap, and math rock, the tracks here feature conversational lyricism in Metryst’s signature rap style and plenty of virtuosic guitar playing, with each track seamlessly transitioning into the next without the album losing its originality.

Don’t miss out on Metryst’s heartfelt performance in “I Hope You’re Listening…”-a track that exemplifies the perfect blend of math rock and rap. At times, his style evokes Linkin Park while at other moments, it echoes Eminem. Through it all, his deeply universal and relevant message shines through!

“Now Is The Time” is another bona fide standout that is absolutely brimming with guitar virtuosity and awe-inspiring showmanship. This track feels like the most poetic and creative demonstration of Metryst’s lyricism and innovation.

As the track progresses, Metryst skillfully incorporates former President Obama’s speech, which commemorates the values that Martin Luther King Jr. stood for. The meticulous blend of guitar that is in perfect sync with the speech is immaculate.

As someone dedicated to walking his own path within the tradition of first-class music, “Metryst” is such a huge step in the right direction for Metryst.

This project is poised to propel Metryst to international acclaim as more listeners discover his unique and captivating style, which is unlike anything else in today’s music industry.

To stream “Metryst” in its entirety, please follow the attached link and relish this magical showmanship!

To get up close and personal with Metryst, follow him on:




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