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Michigan-based hip hop artist $Mr.Face$’ performance in “THRU THE MUDD” is nothing but real!

As someone who grew up listening to the old school hip hop and even got the chance to meet some of the artists back then who went on to impact the hip hop culture and sound such as Dr. Dre and Snoop, $Mr.Face$ knew that is where he wanted to end up. Over the years, he has been polishing his skills on the mic, and after a temporary hiatus from the music scene, he is back and better than ever, dedicated to preserving the purity of authentic hip-hop music, just as we remember it from back in the day.

“THRU THE MUDD” is one of the most honest, emotional, and raw performances I have listened to in quite a while. $Mr.Face$ delivers the word on the street with an honest and earnest tone over the nostalgic beats that recall that feisty 90s-inspired street vibe.

With an unequalled stage presence, infectious charm, and a vibrant hip-hop voice, $Mr.Face$ is his most versatile here, unleashing his artistic range with some rapid-fire freestyle bars, clever wordplay, and some crunchy hooks that get you hooked in this performance throughout its length.

Through his performance, you will notice just how inventive he is and the way he draws from his own experiences in the streets to fashion something that is understandable and deeply relatable, which have always been the basic fabrics of hip-hop music.

The music video features $Mr.Face$ performing on the streets he grew up in—just a simple yet colorful music video that complements his lyrical performance and enables the viewer to relate with these words of a ‘hustler’ who has been through it all and is using his foundation to aim higher—shooting for the stars and aiming for the moon!

$Mr.Face$ is currently working on his album, “THRU THE MUDD” which will be released as soon as it’s ready.

You can now get $Mr.Face$’ music on all the popular streaming platforms, including Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube. Follow the attached link to listen to the title track of his upcoming album and let it find its way to your library!

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