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Bringing Summer Closer to Melodic Space Is the Virtuoso DJ and Producer Musical Alchemist With the Unique Summer Anthem, “Musical Alchemist”

He lives through the magic in his name and designs some supernatural melodies with the mystical touch of his skilled fingerprints backed by the inventive brains brimming through his skull; Musical Alchemist is as his name suggests and this versatile DJ and producer who has been collaborating with artists all over the world took the electronic music space on a wide spin with the release of his 8-track EP titled “Velocity Run” with some authentic EDM flavored tunes such as; “Velocity Run”, “Paradise Feel”, “Arcane Nights”, and “Hyperdrive” among several other stupendously created tracks.

His style of music echoes that 90s sonic shape in the electronic world blending a plethora of dance music such as the vibrant EDM, deep house, future house, tropical house and electronic pop to design groove-oriented, synth, and bass-heavy electronic dance music with that universal appeal. Musical Alchemist’s own work is influenced by such geniuses as; Avicii, Tiesto and David Guetta.

His latest single, “Musical Alchemist” proves once again why he is the master of his own domain- rhythmically impassioned and sonically inviting; the melodic composition is alluring, emotive and complex as its instrumentations offer fans and listeners a project woven together by a rich tapestry of sounds and textures. The track features fresh inventions with each passing section wholly different from the last whilst managing to remain seamless and coherent as an overall body of work.

You know that feeling when you go to a party and the DJ mixes keep on escalating- every track getting the better of you! This is exactly how this track feels and it is absolutely magical! You can know brace yourself for more of the same as Alchemist is set to release his second EP, “Velocity Run Volume 2” on July 1st and it will be intense with marvelous hardcore feel to it and will also feature more singers than his first one.

These are what better days feel like and to bless your world with the 90s flavored deep and quality electronic dance music; follow the attached link and let the summer vibes begin!

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