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The Cyprus-based multi-award-winning international duo New Rules Duo’s music video for their cover of The Cranberries’ “Zombie” is their best one yet!

New Rules Duo’s style continues to draw in more fans every time they drop electrifying originals or just epic cover songs to some of the most popular tracks in the music land. This multi-award-winning international duo has gone on to build a reputation around their high-energy performances at weddings and across various stages and venues, offering once-in-a-lifetime performances on each and every stage they grace, leaving audiences demanding more.

Building on the bulging wave of momentum that came after a surge of successful USA tours where they left their indelible marks with their genuine and energy-fueled performances, New Rules Duo are set to make their presence felt globally.

New Rules Duo cover of The Cranberries’ “Zombie” is a melody-filled emotional song that genuinely brings tears to my eyes. Celia’s vocals are jaw-dropping on this track, and Dominik’s crunchy guitar riffs are to die for!

New Rules Duo put their signature stamp all over this record in ways that respectfully honor the original composition while using its innovative foundation as a trampoline to reach new musical grounds.

The music video, which was shot at an abandoned hospital in the Troodos Mountains, Cyprus, is where the gist of this track resides. The accompanying visual perfectly fits the track’s narrative and essence about war: the scattered ruins and dilapidated conditions echo the unspoken truth; there is no winning in war, there is only losing!

Their best one yet, New Rules Duo take the listener on an unforgettable journey with that captivating melody and profound lyrics. With each listen, a listener is bound to discover new layers of meaning, making it a must-hear track for anyone affected by the said atrocities.

Dominik Dybka and Celia Stavri are equal and opposite forces that have a complete mind-meld going on, and it is so surreal to get caught up in this musical world they are building.

New Rules Duo have so much in the works for this year, including their new original album and another USA tour scheduled for November 2023, something to look forward to.

To experience this gripping cover as you watch that eye-catching supplementary music video; follow the attached link, subscribe to New Rules Duo’s YouTube channel, like the music video, leave a comment below it, and add the tune into your playlist!

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