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Rapidly rising iconic pop artist Nicholas Dante’s second single, “Breathe,” is cathartic!

Most people listen to their favorite artists or musical bands in order to escape from the stress and sometimes harsh realities of the modern world. But picture this, what if that wasn’t the only reason you had to seek sanctuary in music, but instead to experience some of the most exhilarating musical moments that jolt you back to reality so fast and so beautifully that there is nowhere else you’d rather be? Sounds amazing, right? Well, this is the kind of craft Brooklyn-based pop singer-songwriter Nicholas Dante has been creating, and it is exactly what occurs when you listen to his exceptionally executed pop sound with that cinematic touch. This is a sound so great it actually defies categorization, and that is what makes it the perfect kind of style to revel in!

His second single, “Breathe,” has been a mainstay in a great number of listeners’ playlists based on the tremendous stream numbers it has garnered. As of the time of writing this, the track was well beyond the 12K Spotify stream mark—a number projected to rise even further!

“Breathe” is an entrancing masterpiece that is viscerally fulfilling and offers one hell of a cathartic listening experience; those traces of cinematic instrumental scores can be heard throughout the track, and Nicholas influences the track further with his beautifully haunting and powerful voice flanked by the mind-boggling lyrics.

I love how mysterious the sound feels; it is more like a sound of yesteryear dragged into modern times and injected with a healthy dose of contagious energy to make you feel like you are slipping away from your sanity—and trust me, that is the best feeling ever.

This track lures you in from the get-go and refuses to let go until it is no more—the only sad thing is that it finally ends, but that can be rectified with just one touch of the repeat button as you ecstatically sink in deeply into that mysterious musical landscape—even if for just those precious 2 minutes and 26 seconds!

Without further ado, I introduce to you your headliner Nicholas Dante with an epic performance in “Breathe”—beyond anything else, simply enjoy!

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