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India-based independent artist Niel Theos has a brand new, heartwarming single, “One Day,” out on all platforms.

Niel Theos is an emerging singer/songwriter and rapper with a focus on vulnerable, relatable lyrics coupled with ear worm melodies to create an authentic style of music that is open invitation for the listener to hear the soul behind his each and every song. The dream is for him to continuously build a global fan base, as he takes his musical game to the next available level, one song at a time!

Niel Theos has a new masterpiece out on all platforms, “One Day,” that laments about the loss of a relationship that you had really invested in but that turned out to be toxic, and now it has reached its ultimate death.

I love the beats here, man—they are deep and immersive with a scintillating balance between hip hop and club R&B, and Niel Theos has got those smooth, sweet-talking, ear-worming vocals that feel like candy and lusciously slink over the melodies with a certain clear and lucid punch that cannot be ignored or denied by any fan who loves passionately delivered music.

You can definitely hear the raw emotions in his voice, and the way he just fits in perfectly with this style is why I feel in my gut that he has got a bright future ahead of him when it comes to the craft of music. This track is no less different from what I listen to on the radio, and I really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

A track record of this stature will serve to elevate Niel Theos to global acclaim as he goes on to fly the Indian flag internationally and set the precedent for what it is like to be successful while doing the thing you love most!

To get a taste of this dance-inducing, addicting, and irresistible anthem, follow the attached link, and if you like what Niel Theos has to offer, be sure to save it to your library and share it with family, friends, and strangers!

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