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Award-Winning Ukrainian Songstress NIzhNA Has Been Putting the Music World on Notice With Her Magnificent Dance-Pop Inspired Debut Single, “Get Out of My Sight”

NIzhNA came to the limelight following her high-flying performances on “The Voice of Ukraine” and has never looked back since. A born star, she has been using her musical gifts to tell the horror events happening to her home country and has assembled a team who together are starting a worldwide music project. Her writing and singing style really evokes an undeniable forte; – listening to her vocals and you will be in agreement that she has what it takes to ride all the way to the top and cement her legacy alongside the music industry’s A-listers. A selfless soul, NIzhNA wants to use her music to spread joy, happiness and positivity. The industry is on high alert and has high expectations for this beautiful and phenomenally gifted singer.

“Get out of My Sight” is NIzhNA’s debut single and listening through, you really wouldn’t have guessed; I’ve always maintained that any music that puts me on high spirits and makes me want to dance is sought of my staple and “Get out of My Sight” has all the ingredients you’d expect from a lively dance-pop inspired jam.

Transcending from the ground up, the track hits you with a tremendous amount of rhythm and melody right from the start and is escorted gloriously by her sweet-talking and honeyed vocals that fit into this style in spectacular fashion.

There is that catchy element that comes off from that marriage between her mellifluous vocals and the instruments that stick like glue and will remain ingrained on your head even after the tune is over. It is something I appreciate because the best songs sought of having a point of reference in the melody and rhythm that identifies them and that is the case with “Get out of My Sight”; a unique percussion and the buoyant sounding chorus infects a listener with music-inspired ecstasy!

NIzhNA has got off to a very bright start and I can only see a future that will be nothing short of the colossus and metallic-granite success!

To listen and add this magnificent pop tune to your playlist; follow the attached link, subscribe to NIzhNA’s YouTube channel and share this masterpiece with others around you!

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