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LA-based Israeli drummer Noa Kahn’s live performance on “Bless Nature” will have you blown away!

Behind her bashful personality and strikingly beautiful smile is a fierce drummer who has been demanding the attention of fans and critics alike. Noa Kahn, an Israeli drummer and arranger, is the name behind this prodigious creator whose journey as a drummer embodies the ‘strength to strength’ tales. With so much ahead in terms of her craft, I couldn’t be more proud of this complete stranger who is just on top of her game at the moment.

While I do not claim to know the nitty-gritty details around drum playing and syncopation, I am human enough to admire and behold at what I have just listened to in “Bless Nature”- a live performance that was harmonized and arranged by Noa Kahn for a full band, this simply is the distillation of impeccable artistry!

The smoothness at the intro and the way everything just picks up—with her golden hands and feet doing the magic—and the way she accentuates her set to fit even with the horn section emanating from the saxophone—leveraging on it to even get out of her fills—are absolutely stunning.

There is nothing simple about this performance, but my god; the way she manages to make it come off so effortlessly is the mark of someone who was born for this kind of magic and craft. There is really nothing I can take away from this performance because this is just a showcase of unreal talent to seamlessly hit the snare drum, tom-toms with drumsticks, float through the hi-hat cymbals and kick drum and somehow still manage to be in perfect sync with the band- just staggering!

I leave the Bandcamp link here for you to experience musicianship on another level; you really can’t make this stuff up!

Bless Nature (Live) | Noa Kahn (

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