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Spectacularly Gifted Singer and Songwriter Noah Fabray Creates Magic With the Single, “Miami”

Noah Fabray has had a career spanning for years now which started back in 2019; this multi-talented songstress is a seasoned, diversely gifted vocalist who blends individual and distinct styles to craft music that is truly rare. Not one who is self-limited, Noah Fabray fashions genre-bending music that is rich and rhythmically intricate and spans the colorful spectrum from house music to R&B and even Latin-infused melodies that are not only complex but intriguingly rhythmic to wow listeners far and beyond. While at it, Fabray still maintains the essence of exceptional musicality by always crafting rare and transformative music!

“Miami” is a case example of uniqueness and the sheer level of inestimable musicianship that Noah Fabray boasts. This dance-inspired masterpiece exudes some ‘feel-good” type of vibes from the first minute all the way to the last one.

With a flourishing soundscape that is painted by a dance-inspired grooving rhythm section, luxurious beats, and rich, ambient house textures, “Miami” undeniably transports its listener to the middle of a summer party in South Florida where people are having the time of their lives- dancing with reckless abandon to the exciting beats booming off of the speakers.

There is just something about the melodies that give off a warm tropical house feeling and I enjoy that they are not overdone giving room for Noah Fabray’s sweet-toned vocals to flourish and add much-needed spice to this already appetizing jam.

“Miami” has already been deservedly acclaimed with hundreds of thousands of streams to it as listeners from wherever confessing they can’t seem to get it off their heads- it is that addictive; once you listen for the first time, you get hooked and there is no going back, you’ll just want to listen to it over and over again (and that’s not a dad thing right!)

To get a taste of this “Miami” anthem that celebrates the beautiful people of Miami and their cultures, states, and everything in between- follow the attached link and since this is already a straight hit, add it directly to your favorite playlist!

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