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New Jersey singer/songwriter and rapper NOVÈ really goes hard, raw, and aggressive on the special jam “Ego is the Goat”

His life has always revolved around music, and he actually started hitting the stage at the age of 9 years. Based out of Deptford, New Jersey, he is a singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer who goes professionally as NOVÈ and who is the face of present and future eclectic music. As someone who is limitless and is always looking for a way to better his sound, his style of music does not conform to any specific genre, even though he manages to maintain a consistent brand that spans across R&B, pop, funk, and hip-hop. Now more than ever, NOVÈ is committed to pushing the boundaries of his music, inspiring other up-and-coming acts while at it, and leaving an indelible mark on the music industry!

A track like “Ego is the Goat” highlights NOVÈ’s versatility and innate gifts. In this masterpiece, he is very adventurous and delivers some hard-hitting bars in a way that is certain to grab your attention, whether you like it or not.

That cover art is really dope, and I just love how unmatched his delivery is here. Lyrically confronting his own ego, this track goes from 0 to 100 really quick, and before you know it, you are also sucked in by that raw, inquisitive, and aggressive lyricism, and you just want to stay in that bubble for as long as it takes!

The beats are just the perfect sort of complement as they design the perfect bed to offer support and comfort for NOVÈ to do his things, and that is exactly what happens; he gives one hell of a performance, depicting his own struggle and frustrations of his personal experiences while also trying to battle his ego.

Most of us have been caught in this situation of exasperation with everything happening around us and the choices we make. Ego being as hard-headed as it can be, it never wishes to relent, and so your frustrations pile up. I think the word irritation does not even begin to cut it!

If you want something to resonate with and vent your frustrations to; “Ego is the Goat” is that song for you. Follow the attached link and save this tune to your playlist!

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