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This is Exactly Why Ostarè Latest Release “Show’em What You’ve Got” Has Been Topping the Pop Charts Alongside Celebrated Musical Acts

Ostarè is the queen, occupying the throne with her latest smash and groundbreaking release “Show’em what you’ve got,” which has been well received and is topping charts such as “Top 40 Pop, Rock, and Indie Song” alongside renowned artists such as Shakira, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, Dua Lipa, and many others.

But who exactly is Ostarè? – Ostarè was born in France as a young girl with a dream, and her love of music was always visible in her singing and dancing. Music provided an escape from many of her anxieties, and when she traveled to America to further her schooling, things began to click for her, as she was able to refine her skills by learning songwriting, playing the piano, and receiving vocal instruction. She resolved to venture into the unknown and give into the blue ocean of possibilities where mastery, the dignity of daring, and sincerity of audacity awaited her in an altogether new country and culture. She set out to stretch her wings in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara, and it didn’t take long for the proper people to take notice. That is how she came to be a professional singer and songwriter, generating waves in popular pop culture and achieving financial success!

Seeing that her music impacted people’s lives directly she decided to reinvent her music style and integrate positive music to move people – insightful message to give listeners that much needed motivation to accept themselves and influence the world in their own best and possible ways without caring about the opinion of others. Her chart-topping release “Show Em What You Got” confirms to that as the words behind the lyrics speak of the purity of focus; that hardwired capacity to be ourselves and not care for a minute other’s perceptions about us. To astonish a mean world with our confidence, bravery and resiliency!


This track has been received critical acclaim by popular radio stations both online and traditional such as Kiss FM 104.7, UK Talk Radio “charted top20”, Capital 87.7 FM, RSD, 102. And hit Top#1 on Radio charts Pop Trending songs on 562 Live CA LB radio. It also hit Top8 on American Independent charts and with interviews on Iheartradio and other popular music magazines.

Fusing elements of new age and dance to great effect and boasting a striking level of creativity throughout its arrangement, “Show’em what you’ve got” is a rhythmically charged pop anthem with a fantastic amount of variety on display making for an enthralling experience, one that boats great creativity and a strong sense of character. The type of track that carries you away with the message and still implores you to get up and dance to its infectious melody! Her commanding vocals provide a safe haven for relatability and resonance as the listener gets themselves heavily invested in the track from the start to the end and presses the repeat button all over again!

“Show’em what you’ve got” is available on all the major platforms and it’s worth checking out to understand what the fuss is all about. Ostarè is about to take us on a musical expedition we will never forget!

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