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Watch on as Melodic Universes Collide When Peerless Duo O Z and BAKES Take Center Stage With, “Effortless”

There is a new dimension of music being orchestrated in town; the ninth dimension! The orchestrators are none other than O Z who is a producer and DJ and BAKES who is a lyrist/rapper. These inimitable champions all hail from San Diego, CA and they didn’t come to play-they outrightly mean business and they are slowly but surely set to take over the music industry with their dynamic and exceedingly exceptional style of innovation and improvisation that is set to propel them through the staircase of success; one production at a time!

O Z is a certified DJ/Producer who possesses a voracious passion for electronic dance that is fueled by his love for both music and technology. He has been making melodically transcendental souvenirs that break the boundaries present in EDM and house sound, proving that you really don’t have to conform to restrictions in order to be identified in a certain musical field.

BAKES on the other hand is a lyrical rapper who blends nostalgic old school rap with futuristic hip-hop for an extensive sound that bridges the gap between the old and new generations. What ‘The Boys’ have been up lately is that they have been blending albeit with artistic proficiency EDM soundscapes with rap flows for that staggeringly invigorating type of style you can never get enough of!

To give you a gratifying glimpse is the single, “Effortless” and just from the title I can confirm that it is an effortless beauty! The tremendous beats culminate where the electronically-infused melodies with firm foundations in EDM echo the splendorous spirit of techno house join to get you off on your feet and dancing like you are 16 again!

The vocal bar drops in between by BAKES are certainly the proverbial icing on this delicacy and the way each and every element work closely with each other to fashion a seamless and coherent body of work is indisputably fulfilling!

This will get you in your moods again and give you some high and marvelously wild youthful spirits as you move up and down to the powerful beats.

In need of a mood boaster! Worry no more, follow the attached link and let, “Effortless” be the main agenda under your playlist!

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