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Canadian Rapper and Musician PDG Stephen Delivers an Easily Enjoyable Remix to His “Call Out” Single Featuring Glenroyal and Kayyy.

Just like his biggest musical influence, the late Juice Wrld, Canadian rapper and singer PDG Stephen writes from his personal experiences. He finds strength in his pain and vulnerability to create music that is not only entertaining but also deeply relatable.While at first he was a bit skeptical about sharing his personal stories emanating from hurtful and depressing situations for fear of losing credibility with his listeners, over time, he gathered the courage to sing about tumultuous experiences and was quite surprised at how well audiences were receiving his craft and digging it.

He sings about what many people are thinking about but are too afraid to speak about, such as being heartbroken, depressed, or vulnerable. Ultimately, he believes that vulnerability should not be considered shameful and that suppressing emotions is not beneficial.

The original track “Call Out” off of his 2021 EP “Vibes Of Love” was such a huge success, and this year PDG Stephen linked up with up-and-coming rapper Glenroyal and femcee Kayyy for a remix of the track, which has already received popular acclaim from rap music aficionados.

A certified banger and infectious anthem, the bouncing and wavy beats are complemented by Stephen’s melodious rap-sing technique as he unleashes knife-edge lyricism and paints vivid pictures with words, demonstrating his innate competency as a storyteller.

Striking a chord with his effortless and swift cadences and immersive lyricism, PDG captures the essence, tonality, and soundscape of this innovative hip-hop sound that he has been helping define since Juice Wrld’s passing.

The guest performers deliver memorable verses, going on to pack appropriate punches with their relevant rhyme techniques and unmatched energy.

“Call Out (Remix)” already has over 9K Spotify streams in such a short span—a testament to its high quality.

PDG Stephen and his guest performers really did come swinging and bring the heat with this epic stunner that deserves to be on the playlist of anyone who appreciates authentic, innovative hip hop music.

To add the song to your playlist, follow the attached link and make listening to this banger a daily habit!

To stay in touch with PDG Stephen and his musicality, follow him on his Instagram page ASAP!





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