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Setting the Stage in Lyrical Fashion New York’s Artist and Producer ReachingNOVA Releases Another Intuitive Single “Finding Peace” Featuring Romania’s Diastrid

ReachingNOVA is a multi-talented rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur and producer who has established himself as a quintessential New York MC with his emotion-filled, deep and powerful lyrical onslaught, as he radiates raw passion through any type of beat – blending the artistic lines between the lush and euphonious contemporary with the intimate, lyrical honesty of “Golden Age”, Pushing the envelope with his matchless sound and style that bridges various elements form diverse genres to make an all-round, versatile style. He seeks to connect intimately through his lyricism with listeners around the globe. He boasts of over 14.9 K monthly Spotify listeners and some of his popular smash projects include: “Celebration”, “RED OKTOBER Freestyle”, “In These Times”, “C’est La Vie”, and “Used To”.  His 3rd studio album is in its final touches and once he releases it, the world will stop spinning and even time will hold still to let it all sink in! His next single will be titled “Mind Body and Soul”.

In this latest release dubbed “Finding Peace”, he sought out talented female artist and producer Diastrid out of Romania, and together they made a perspicacious masterpiece that speaks directly to a listener’s heart to always look forward by learning through life’s numerous lessons and forgetting their past mistakes, those lost opportunities and concentrate on what lies ahead for them. The message is driven home by ReachingNOVA’s poetic stylistic approach as he dazzles big time over the beats giving real-life insights like a literature genius with his impeccable sense of phrasing and seamless lyrical cleverness.


There is some lyrical creativity on display with the sensitive flows layered in between the catchy and passionately performed chorus section from the remarkable female vocals of Diastrid. The synthesized and boom-made synths, the daring basslines, and the punchy drums give off that reminiscent feeling of that southern type of rap that has always been the go-to fit for every mood throughout the year.

This is the perfect track for that late-night introspection, those long car drives; the morning runs, and even the physically engaging gym workouts. Like always @Reachingnova has polished his skills each time coming harder with tracks that ooze charisma, raw talent, and deserved acclaim! “Finding Peace” is an example of that! With his innate charisma and natural talent for rapping, he seems to have lived many lives and the best part about all of this is that he’s not taking his foot off the gas anytime soon.

Expect more from him and as we wait for him to deliver like promised follow the attached link, stream this single, save it as a favorite and check out his impressive catalog, and by the time you’re done, best be guaranteed you will be hardcore and a loyal fan!

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