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Boston Based Singer and Songwriter Rich O’Reilly Delivers a New Album, “What Lies Ahead” – A Fascinating Listen That Is Filled With Both a Great Deal of Variety and Detail


You enter the magic of life and begin to experience outright bliss daily once you reclaim the inherent power that lurks in your core. And when you don’t postpone being grateful for even the tiniest of everyday graces, you’ll become a magnet for miracles. This is the message Boston-based singer and songwriter Rich O’Reilly is passing in his new life-inspired album, “What Lies Ahead” – a 9-piece collection with a steady stream of deeply relatable tunes such as, “If these walls could talk”, “Moving”, “Walk with the Saints”, “It’s Just Pride” among others.

This is his 7th release and his best yet and for this man who has battled life-threatening conditions such as when he was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer, he understands just how precious life can be which is why his life has generally been a steady stream of beauty- which has little to do with having a lot of money but more to do with finding fulfillment, in the smallest of things.


“This Old Town” is an ageless record that is brimming with abundance and style. It is a genre-defying tune with some special instruments blended in there stupendously for that rich and ethereal taste to give off an enticing folk sound painted in delectable flavors in country, blues, and Americana twist and boasting that remarkable sonic warmth and clarity! Rich O’Reilly strikes a great balance between both traditional and contemporary folk styles whilst incorporating a great deal of unique personality into this song; this results in a brilliantly performed and arranged track that boasts an incredible amount of melody and sonic variation.

You really can’t get off the contagious feelings from the instruments and vocal performance and the way they are impeccably synchronized together is one for the books! It features the Country stylistic element of storytelling with the way it takes a listener through a story of the old times and ensures that a listener is heavily invested in the same. This is staggering artistry on a show and this kind of melody feels heavenly from all the sorts of guitars that combine to design a mindboggling and rhythmic stunner and the extra embellishments from violin, drums, Hammond and not forgetting the rich and powerful lead and backing vocals- it’s absolutely everything you’d wish for in a record!

To feel the power, energy, and impact of the whole of this album; follow the attached link and share it with everyone who is feeling a little bitten and bruised in their lives!

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