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Sammy Kay’s Latest Single “Waiting for Winter” Is Now Available on All Major Streaming Platforms

You can never underestimate the allure of magic, for even the most hard-hearted souls are drawn to it. The magic I am talking about is one that has set root and is spreading fairly in the heart of Sammy Kay a prodigious folk/pop singer-songwriter currently pursuing her music career in Nashville, Tennessee. And it is intriguing to note that sometimes wishes come true, also and especially gladly via many detours for what started out as a song title class assignment has turned into one of her most proud creation; “Waiting for Winter” is the track for both winter and spring and it is an indescribably beautiful, relaxing and mesmerizing tuneful song that is a huge testament to the stellar level of musicianship and elite-level artistry that Sammy Kay has accumulated ever since the times she was performing at countless venues from the age of 11 in her home state of Indiana. Words are not enough to describe this captivating melody. Rhythmically, melodically and harmonically, the song is spot on and since it’s not a crime to love what you cannot explain, you’ll fall in love with it all the same.

With its interweaving textures and highly expressive melodic forays, “Waiting for Winter” is a delightful and thoroughly captivating piece of pop music that carries with it a deep and melancholic message of one who feels love is not fair for they can’t get to experience and enjoy long-lasting relationships. And this seems to happen every time they fall in love then the other person says goodbye. Sammy Kay feels she cannot enjoy the fall and is a huge extension to the listener who may have gone through similar ordeals and find themselves in the exact position every time and are also ‘waiting for winter’.

“When it snows, every heart I’ve ever known wants to open up then go leaving me cold…but maybe you, maybe you’ll stay and choose to grow with me…” are delivered in her charismatic and extraordinarily soft voice as she sings equal parts heart and passion to deliver the song’s emotional message. In a nutshell, Sammy Kay carries the melodies with powerful vocal control, bringing heartfelt and deeply relatable lyrics to full fruition with a delivery that feels honest and engaging from start to finish, balancing dazzlingly against the impeccably intimate guitar and bass tones and an emotional visceral backing cello. “Waiting for Winter” could easily belong to the era that it strives to honor and carries a message that bears relevance to listeners’ past, present, and future! This has to be your favorite song. Do right by her by making sure to stream it, save it to your favorite library, and share it widely for the world to share in her passion and boundless musical gift.

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