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Enjoy Brilliant Pop-Infused Flavors With Sarah Rae’s Latest Album ‘Brand New Eyes’

As a first-time listener to Sarah Rae, I must admit that the experience was unexpected and unique in a mind-blowing way. It’s the new experience of taking your first steps as a child, utterly unconcerned about your previous life.

The smooth, harmonic-focused vocals’ guitar elements not only increase her presence in each track, but her unique combination of instrumental and lyrics adds an intimate and emotional depth.

‘Brand New Eyes’ is a groundbreaking EP that combines a wide range of influences into a dazzling package. This artist’s recipe celebrates life’s beauty and the spark that comes from genuinely being present in the moment – something that is particularly important and appropriate in these wild and strange times that we are all experiencing around the world!

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Sarah Rae has already achieved widespread acclaim for her previously released singles. The unveiling of ‘Brand New Eyes’ has added a huge achievement to her career, allowing her to reach a wider audience.



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