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Depicting a joyous life in Texas, International award-winning rock staple Sarantos dazzles and astounds with the single “Party in Texas”

Sarantos is not your average musician – he brings something new to the table each week, month and year to keep the listener on toes and throughout his musical journey, he has been able to build a vast network that boasts over 300 million listeners. His artistic name has been mentioned in top-charting music playlists and awards and his journey since he said ‘I do’ in November 2012 has been nothing short of successful. For him, it isn’t just the creation of music; it is that deep contact with music and the belief in his creation that music becomes art. He takes time to create timeless tracks that are not only meaningful but emotional. He is that power reimagined turning dreams and emotions into memories and feelings and balancing perfectly that distinctive sound and emotional vibes that are his trademark!

Long live the king is here with a true party tune and anthem for the spring dubbed “Party in Texas” that smells of fire and vibe right from the intro where the guitar and rocky drum percussion play to their strengths, blending in stylish fashion to design a melodic spark for ages! Brimming with the rocky extravagance and bursting with twanging rock vocals by Sarantos, this tune is a masterpiece in that rock and vibrant pop genre technique.

The catchy chorus and pre-chorus are performed with that striking sense of showmanship and awe-inspiring musicality- and by the end of this moving track, the listener is in consensus with the performer that there is truly nothing better than a party in Texas! Sarantos offers a smorgasbord of alternate rock-genre euphony, sweeping arpeggios; the call and response momentous magic, and other intriguing rhythmic flourishes to decorate this track endearingly and ensure it serves as an authentic piece best enjoyed on some dance floor!

The highly expressive vocals by Sarantos help to provide further variation in the arrangement that again, serves as an impeccable way to provide contrast and rhythmicity with the main rockier elements of the track. Follow the attached link and groove intensely to an imagined “Party in Texas!”

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