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Authentic Hip-Hop Fashionista Sidney Breedlove Crisply Wipes the Floor With the Track “Take It Low”

The future is definitely here and it comes in no other form than in Sidney Breedlove- an emerging top lyrist and performer who was nurtured right from a young age by his grandparents and mother and owes his inspiration to them. In this age where real hip-hop is no longer being made like back in the days, Sidney wants to remind listeners what authentic rap music was all about, Hip-hop is much more than a sound to him, it is a lifestyle and he is taking on the mantle to transform his real-life stories as well as those of others into endearing melodies with universal appeal. So keep your eyes and ears open, because you will be seeing and hearing a lot of him now and in the future!

His track, “Take It Low” has a clubby thrill and the fantastical element of danceable quality. He rides on the bouncy beats like an accomplished WordStar with his stage presence so commanding and admirable. He has a way with his wordplay and intricate bars and is able to engineer an anthem off of the simple lyrics. This is a ‘feel-good’ type of vibe that is the perfect soundtrack for this summer.

Sleek and effortlessly smooth, he smokes those bars like a lyrical Hercules and delivers a certified banger that is ethereally entertaining. I give him his flowers for it is very hard to engage listeners nowadays and this tune, right from the onset is exceptionally engaging. He whips in style and authenticity and when you listen for the first time, you absolutely know that you will undoubtedly play it an awful lot of times. It has that effect on its listener!

The music video has been widely received and appreciated with more than 33,400 views on YouTube in such a short period. And it is little wonder why; this is a masterpiece in visual arrangement with the well-choreographed dances blended with other eye-catching raw scenes to make one hell of attention-grabbing visual complement that was the perfect one for this single!

Sidney Breedlove is just getting started and there is really no limit to what he is set out to achieve.

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