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Award Winning Guitarist, Composer and Cyclist Svenson Dedicates a 6-Piece EP Dubbed, “Cycology” to His Cycling Passion

Coming through with the brainpower of a giant and the aura of a loyal servant is Svenson; a 45-year-old composer, guitarist, author, and instructor. He has an unbridled passion for the vintage road bikes and when he is not in the studio making timeless melodies, he is somewhere racing with his bike- on the flat roads, the high cliffs and hills/mountains, and anywhere suitable for a passionate cyclist like him.  He is also the winner of the German Rock- und Pop-Preis and his dedication to the music scene has seen his efforts recognized not only by global listeners but by other iconic figures in the music industry!

Music is the air we breathe and it does not matter the form it comes in if it is in the form of Mt Kilimanjaro, we’ll bloody sweat it out all the way to the top just to have a state of it! Svenson has a new EP that is dedicated to bike racing; this is a 6-piece euphonious fascination that echoes the rule of the bike-racing jungle. Here, the melodies pay homage to the thrill, drill, and frill of the bike racing and echo the speed of the same in melodious sensation!

The EP is made up of the tunes; “Rock That Road Bike”, “Blue Dragon”, “Red Dragon”, “Cycology”, “Tour de Theia”, and “Mont Ventoux”- all passionately delivered and performed to the gratification of any listener who appreciates the genuine affection of the rock sound embellished by its elements.

“Rock That Road Bike” is the first release and for some reason, it slaps like hell and feels heavenly. The momentum is built right from the starting line and you can feel the restrained wheezing breath sounds and the escalation of the adrenaline with each passing moment. The cadence recollects right at the epitome of escalation and the robotic-like vocal drops complement this tune both in essence and symbolism. It is as if you are live in the action or better yet, racing your vintage bike in front of thousands of spectators. It is safe to say this track achieves the purpose it was set out to do and with impeccable success!

To sink your teeth in the other equally sensational melodies; follow the attached link, stream the whole of the EP without skipping a song and find out your favorite anthems which will make a large chunk of your listening experience in the whole of this year!

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