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Terry Blade Leaves a Fine Impression on Everyone’s Heart With His Honest and Expressive Singing in His Latest Album “American Descendant of Slavery”

Since releasing his debut EP “Misery” in 2020, Chicago-based rising singer/songwriter Terry Blade has built an insatiable knack for witty rhyming styles, versatile lyrical frameworks and everything else in between. Known for his multifaceted skill set behind the mic, Terry Blade has shown that his tireless dedication and enthusiasm for art will carry his career to many places. And even with unexpected twists in his life, it is great songwriters like Terry Blade show the industry and the world at large that ‘Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional’

Terry Blade is a fresh voice and a versatile artist focusing and not limited to the R&B and Soul scene. Not someone who sits back and let the world pass by, but instead has chosen to speak out on the problems that most of us find to be unacceptable – namely, slavery, homophobia, and racism. While these are massive themes to be distilled into an album, Terry Blade deals with the theme of racism and perfection to perfection on his 19-track album, “American Descendant of Slavery” – an honest indictment of the way gay people are viewed by the world, particularly when they are black.

Refused to be constrained by a single genre, he plays with varied tones to establish his distinctive musicality, showcasing his vibrant aura. Having to face many challenges in life, he has chosen to break free from these obstacles and to help others with his stimulating and optimistic musical vibes. He sings as well as writes his own lyrics, expressing his deepest thoughts and emotions to the world with utter precision and passion.

The opening track “What He Mean By That?” is one of audio recordings of former African-American slaves (and their descendants)obtained from the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

Although the entire album is a real body of work, “INward” is one of my favorite songs. “INward” itself genuinely sounds like a ligament ode to real hip-hop with a soulful and unforgettable vocal line that will ultimately be lodged in your subconscious after a few listenings. The overall composition of the track consists of hip-hop beats, conveying harmonies, synth, and, of course, the main man himself who effortlessly lays down verse after verse of lyrical poetry that floats smoothly between melodic breaks.

Terry Blade’s meaningful, safe, and undeniably reflective lyrics are cleverly performed with a mid-range approach to poetic justice, always at the helm of his witty lyrical punchlines.

All They Have Is Masculinity” presents a chilling, thought-provoking viewpoint on modern-day racism, homophobia and bigotry in America. The track tears away any layer of comfort featuring ‘T- man’s’ pained vocals talking about how homophobia is really disgusting. Lyrically, the single makes strong references to when being judged for being gay even by fellow black people, calling out that no progress has been made regarding to equality.

This is the 19-track that really gets into your brain and really brings the depth into context. It tells a lot of tales, philosophies, concerns, and is strongly guided with a thematic soundscape from the beginning to the end. An album that is versatile, dynamic and multifaceted in its delivery, American Descendant of Slavery channels a passionately clean, complete sound that leaves no stone unturned bringing out some of the toughest, most critical elements that good people like Terry Blade have to go through.


This is one of the most hard-hitting and essential introspective music to be published in recent years. The message is clear and powerful. The raw talent and honesty of Terry Blade really shines through on this album. Delving into a signature sound that is clever and formulaic, his multi-genre style is not only powerful but also new. He won many hearts throughout his career in the Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul world because of his willingness to share his innermost feelings, and he did so with boldness and elegance, without reservation.

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