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Dynamic Urban Pop Collective The Whythouse Has a New Mesmerizing Anthem Dubbed, “Heat”

The Whythouse is a multi-versatile urban collective fronted by Chris Hale alias Plex who hails from Toronto, Canada. This prose fits in perfectly in that pop box as they do in the Country scene and is what has made it a fan favorite with the tracks from their impressive discography going on to amass millions of streams with massive airplay on radio and other digital channels. It seems like everything the band touches ultimately turns to gold and is really proving to be one of the most innovative and creative collectives of its generation. The Whythouse connect with its audience by putting their hearts and souls into their songs while ingeniously investing real-life stories into their lyrics.

The Whythouse is back with an enticing genre-bending tune dubbed, “Heat”- which is passionately performed by Chris Hale with his warm and gratifying male vocals. The melodies in here take a deep dive and turn and fuse certain pop elements with that urban country feel with the quintessential acoustic guitar and mandolin-like percussion taking a listener to the cowboy dreamland!

All through you will enjoy the simple yet expressive nature of the lyrics as they reflect just living in the moment and relishing in the joy of being alive and youthful. The tune has a very infectious and catchy chorus that goes, “let the heat of the moment shine on through,

Let it burn on me,

Let it burn on you…”

The feel-good vibe the track exudes will certainly be welcomed by listeners of all ages and the improvisation to meld pop and country elements will also be hugely appreciated by listeners who are fascinated by both genres. I felt the electric guitar at some point which is performed with such virtuosity adds that sonic depth and color and the way it echoes the chorus section in a call and response-like motif is also an intriguing detail this track possesses.

Overall the arrangement here is stupendous and the vocal presentation spectacular. “Heat” has already got those temperatures rising with already more than 24 K streams on Spotify alone in the short period since it was released.

Don’t get left behind; follow the attached link and let that “Heat” of the moment shine on through your playlist!

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