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Three Shows Us the Vicious Cycle That Nostalgia Can Subject a Heart Broken Soul in Their Emotional Release “Bad Memory”

Right from the onset of the new track release “Bad Memory” by the soulful music group THREE, your ears are caressed with an almost oceanic melody that gets the listeners’ attention and leaves them emotionally exposed. The group has no reservations as they each take us through their soothing yet sorrowful lyrics to take us back to the painful nostalgia of reeling with the recovery of being unexpectedly left hanging by a lover—the worst kind of betrayal.


The symphony of the musicians that make up the group really comes alive in the sound as they each bounce off each other’s verses, going back and forth in this musical discussion of three healing victims of love. You can truly feel that our trio of voices is incredibly adept at using the music they create as an empathic gateway to their experiences and struggles as they try, and ultimately fail to let go of their past loves.

The trio itself consists of three stellar talents, namely Michael Corbin, Trey Thrower (known as T3), and Wesley Weston. And as an audience, we become eternally grateful to the turnings of fate as these three have gone above and beyond as they cement their newfound signature of using their platform to churn out tracks that borrow from each of their life experiences, amalgamating in a very real, honest, and almost daring cadence to their songwriting and musical delivery.

The song “Bad Memory” carries on as the artists all bounce off tales and recollections of their past relationships, bearing all their scars, fears, and emotional sores for the audience. The rawness, however, throughout the track’s narrations, comes as a welcoming and soothing tone as you feel, as the listener, that rather than lashing out at the past altercations, our artists are simply at a level of sorrow where their primary focus is simply managing the lingering depressive fall and trying to stay emotionally above board.

Tears can easily run free while listening to its harmony of livid songwriting while being carried off within its smooth melodic depths as the group takes us through dealing with their very relatable heartbreak triggers in the aftermath of their crushing abandonment.

After all, when you’re hurting, inside your own mind is the last place anyone wants to be left to ruminate.

The group is certainly on its path to being the soulful spiritual RnB group that other greats like Brandy, Neo, Toni Braxton, Babyface, Tank & Jhene Aiko have been and still are in their musical niches.

This track perfectly puts words to life as we listen along to the pains of love lost; listen in as you find your crowd of broken-hearted souls just looking to get back afloat in their lives as they fight their greatest battles with nostalgia.

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