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No Better Style to Usher in the New Year Than With the Best Summer Radio Pop Song Remade; “The Delight – 7” Champagne Mix” by Van Hechter

What do you wish to experience? Ask yourself that in all honesty and if the answer is something close to profound, astonishing, melodically inviting and heavily danceable, then suffer no more for Van Hechter has heard your plights and responded in spectacular fashion,  with a remix the song of the summer and adding more influence to DJ Executive Realness own remix and serving it on a silver platter for listeners globally to indulge in its rich and flavorful danceable tunes as they usher in a new year that is screaming with possibilities. This tune has been released to critical acclaim seeing that its Original version was able to amass over 1.2 M streams in the digital streaming platforms. This is champagne poetry calibrated with mastery improvisation with the soaring collection of different sounds and styles that make up electro Pop and electro-dance infused in appealing fashion with the rhythms, harmonies, and evocative energy of the instruments to uplift and nourish the spirit. This is a spectacular example of music’s power to move and transform, and the expressive portion that will ring loudly from the streets of New York City to the ambiances of the suburbans.

This song offers electro-music’s traditional reassurances, the heavy beats, the sureness of the harmonies, and the clarity of the drum instruments and other complex ones creating a lasting, overall mood and ambiance rounded out with the reprise of the melody. The glorious vocals take this thrill to a different level taking a listener with them to the realm of another universe. The power of the harmony is uplifting and the spine-tingling sounds suggest brilliant talent under charismatic inspiration. The melodic riffs and towering vocality of the repetitive catchy phrases are some of the most audacious outpourings you’ll ever get in modern electro and pop music and it surmises the lyrical sense of the tune.

The simple yet powerful message encourages us to take some time off and enjoy nature, dance under the moonlight, bask in the sunlight, and breathe in the delight for what is the point of living life if you cannot enjoy its vast wealth and nature’s natural resources. It is okay to let go sometimes and dance a night away or under the glaring view of the melting stars, moving with wild abandon as you forget your sorrows and get lost in the abundance of joy that life has to offer. This is our theme track for the year 2022.

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