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Chloe Adona Takes Her Debut Recording Artistry to New Heights With a Stunning Anthem Dubbed, “Villain”

Coming through with a towering height, Chloe Adona has showcased that there really is no limit to her flair; this multi-talented teenager perhaps epitomizes the phrase ‘age is just a number’ as she has been achieving an incredible feat that feels way beyond her years! She is an American-Filipina actor who recently starred in the popular “Stranger Things” season 4, co-starring as (Number 9) and if you thought that was the only thing she was immaculate at, then you are about to be astonished further. This female prodigy is a remarkably gifted singer and songwriter who draws inspiration for her music from her own teenage experiences showcasing an effortless niche to transform real-life stories into enduring melodies with near-universal appeal.

After debuting her single, “In My Dream” in 2020, she has now decided to grace the music world with another entrancing single, “Villain” which was co-written and produced by Emmy-nominated singer/songwriter duo, Doug Rockwell and Tova Livtin. This emotion-filled pop classic was inspired by the betrayal she faced at the hands of who she thought was her best friend!

Very catchy and infectious, this track expresses the raw and mellifluous nature of her vocals that possess so much effortless power. Just from the onset, this is a track worth your time delivered with so much passion over the lush modern pop instrumentation and perhaps one that can demand your attention as you go on about your business, prompting you to shazam it with your listening interested aroused.

She nails every bit of this performance and I feel the capstone of this track rests in that ear-grabbing and memorable chorus;

“I guess anyone can be,

The Villain of the story

I didn’t think they’d be the closest to me

A plot twisting game

I didn’t mean to play

But your friends can be

The villain, villain”

There is a way that performance leaves a delectable taste in your ears that keeps haunting you from time to time. “Villain” is a huge testament to the sheer level of musicality Chloe is bringing to the music table and I honestly can’t wait for what next is in store for her as far as her music and acting career are concerned.

“Villain” is now available on all streaming platforms worldwide- follow the attached and make this your all-time favorite tune!

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