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Divine Harmonies Transcend Boundaries in Wearetdy’s Latest EP “10:01”

When stars align and creative forces unite, the result can be nothing short of electrifying. That’s precisely what happened when Theresa DePriest and Dylan Flach of Wearetdy reunited in 2022, forging a sonic partnership that has birthed the enthralling debut EP, “10:01.” In a brilliant kaleidoscope of electronic and indie flavors, the duo has crafted a sound that defies categorization, straddling the realms of both the fresh and the timeless.

The EP features two captivating tracks, “Trippin” and “Set Free,” each a testament to the duo’s artistry. “Trippin” is a poignant dive into the rollercoaster of life, exploring the highs and lows with Theresa’s evocative lyrics and ethereal vocals. The song delves into the delicate balance between pleasure and pain, celebrating the joys of sobriety with an uplifting tone. It’s an intensely personal piece that showcases Theresa’s growth as a songwriter and vocalist, and Dylan’s rich, dynamic production brings the track to life.

Astoundingly, “Trippin” was written and recorded in a mere 24 hours, a feat that underscores the duo’s creative chemistry and unbridled passion for their craft. This whirlwind of energy sets the stage for the entire EP, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what’s next.

“Set Free,” born amid the pattering of Californian rain, is a shimmering ode to liberation, showcasing Wearetdy’s knack for crafting infectious, danceable tunes that harbor a deeper meaning. This uplifting anthem encourages listeners to embrace love and share their light, all while keeping their feet moving to the irresistible beat.

Wearetdy’s fascination with clock times, angel numbers, and synchronicity adds a personal and mystical touch to their releases. Titles like “10:01” and the forthcoming “10:10” hold special significance for the duo, who view these numerals as divine messages from beyond.

Don’t let this celestial sonic journey pass you by – make sure to check out “10:01” on all major platforms, including Spotify, and immerse yourself in the unique and captivating world of Wearetdy. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it.

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