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Houston Based Acclaimed Pop Rock Duo Wild Fire Deliver a Matchless Performance in the New Single, “Don’t Mess With Exes”

Wild Fire is a 2-piece band made of sisters Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig. This duo was formed back in 2016 and has been astonishing the world ever since with such consummate artistry that allows the duo to deliver back-to-back hits with commercial appeal and deserved acclaim. The story so far has been one of success and deep reverence as Wild Fire lives up to its fiery name, unleashing fire hits that go on to display the band as a mainstay and one that is here not to participate but win everything that is up for grabs. Strap in for this is an invitation to enjoy an unforgettable adventure that is rooted in the dynamic pop-rock sound with nuances of several other styles for surprises and extensive appeal.

Wild Fire has a new cheerful anthem dubbed, “Don’t Mess With Exes”- a sensational pop rock stunner from the top to the base that not only boasts a tremendous amount of groove and rhythm but also features praiseworthy vocal presentation to drive the narrative home!

From the first time I listened to this track, I felt like star performers had graced my listening senses. This track is ridiculously good and that cover art is indescribably beautiful as well. “Don’t Mess With Exes” is a track you’d listen to over and over again without getting bored.

The gist of this track resides in such consummate songwriting expertise as displayed by the duo who display such a commendable way with the referencing and the pre-chorus and easily quotable chorus ensures you dance to the vivacious beats as you sing along with inspired exhilaration.

The stupendous production and arrangement are otherworldly which allows the unleashed timeless medley of electric guitars, the dutiful drums, and keyboard to give off a very punchy and high-energy sound that is endearingly matched to speed with the phenomenal vocal display- I’m beyond words at how powerful, raw and mellifluous those vocals sound!

This has to be a straight favorite and if for some reason it doesn’t appeal to you, I’m afraid to break it to you but you might be suffering from extremely bad taste!

Follow the attached link so as to stream this track, add it to your favorite playlist and share it with others for they deserve to savor such a fascinating listening experience!

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