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Delivering Introspective Lyrics Atop Melodic Production California’s Willowboo Viral Tune “Breathe” is The Epitome Of Transcendence

Hailing from the central coast of California, WillowBoo is as prodigious as she is confident; influencing the rap genre through the power of her character, the nobility of her lyrical expertise, the compassion in her delivery and the unconventional wisdom in her young age. She exudes great technicality and a natural talent for rapping over classic hip hop beats with a commanding presence and resounding precision which cements her adept status as a vocal performer and ingenious rapper.

“Breathe” is an introspective melodic flow backed by drum machines, thumping bass, and trap-inspired beats that blend perfectly with her unique and relentless voice fashioning a charismatic sound. WillowBoo goes on hard delivering confident-inspired bars to the rhythmic slapping beats. “I can’t breathe when I’m not with you…I can’t see myself without you” is delivered with her commanding vocal performance that has a gritty edge to it. The melodic rap riffs resonate with the resounding hip-hop beat as she delivers her witful lyrics insulated with warnings and unapologetic confidence in herself. For example, she raps, “I ain’t scared to die…I can do it I can win…just warming up wait till I begin” she flawlessly glides over the I minute 50 seconds melodic anthem with repeated poetic confrontation offering indelible mortality to her freestyling and showcasing her evident hunger to build a long-lasting and boundary-busting rap career. Her age is just a number!

Her other electrifying hip-hop melodies include “wish kid” and “hustle grind” which have been delivered with technical lyricism, intricate flow, inventive flows, tongue-twisting wordplay, unforgettable lyrics and memorable bars. And as the popularity of “Breathe” has risen, so has WillowBoo to the brink of genuine superstardom and she is now at the heights of the A-listers whose ranks she always seemed primed to join sooner or later. She has an average 2,878 monthly Spotify listeners. She is a beauty epitome, her magic is in her veins and its energy courses through her blood and its unique type of magic is being echoed to the world through her musical creations and young but mature voice. Why is her face not on the cover of TIME magazine?

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