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New Zealand Based EDM Producer Yashar Set to Take Center Stage Yet Again with a Stunningly Innovated Single, “Lost” Available on the 19th of August 2022

Leveraging on his ingenious capacity to harness innovative elegance in the service of quality EDM music; this Turkish-born and New Zealand-based virtuosic Kiwi artist and producer who goes professionally as YASHAR has lately been proving to be the future of EDM and house music. Blending the bold and textured sound present in future, progressive, tech, and tropical house proficiently, he is able to re-engineer an authentic sound that he is happy to call originally his. He is on course to cement his own legacy of bringing together car collective culture with future house music and you just have to be present to enjoy this ride- literally and melodically!

After making a mark with his stupendously produced single, “Expectations”, YASHAR does not intend to rest even a bit. He is back with another deservedly acclaimed single; “Lost” that will have you metaphorically lost in its euphonic abundance. He is set to officially make this track available for streaming on the 19th of August 2022.

What you can expect is a terrific work of art that will hit all the right spots starting with the charming female vocals that ride along this magical piece of art making you fall in love tenfold with this haunting piece. There is a way he lets the vocals build with the delightful synths joining halfway before the thumping future house melody and rhythm are unleashed, all the while the pleasure-inducing vocals make a catchy anthem off of the repeated phrases to heavily engage a listener.

This track will deeply resonate with its global audience as it is a straight hit. It is the kind of tune you randomly listen to while minding your business and you absolutely want to shazam it so as listen to it later. It is an instant ear-grabber and for those who feel lost in a heartbreaking world where they thought something would have materialized from their relationship, well this is just the perfect dose to heal your broken heart!

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