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Young Choppo Raises the Bar With a Stunningly Innovated Smash Hit “Beautiful Day”

When it comes to expanding the lyrical and musical boundaries of rap music, no one does it better than Tyrone R. Lynch – A lyrically gifted American recording artist who hails from Kingston, Jamaica. He is the real deal and epitomizes hard work and resilience seeing that he grew up in destitution and when he discovered his passion for music as early as 12 years of age, he did not look back. He now boasts some certified records to his name and he is not resting until the entire universe with all its occupants has the name Young Choppo close to their lips! Coming through with a solid track and a fine piece of work, “Beautiful Day” is the sort of track to be enjoyed over some bourbons and cocktails while inundatingly sipping the joy out of the track, singing and dancing along to beautiful life, wonderful days and great times like it is supposed to be. The catchy chorus is such a vibe,

“It’s a beautiful day, it’s a beautiful life

It’s a wonderful time so hold on tight

It’s a beautiful, it’s a wonderful, it’s a wonderful time

It’s a beautiful day

I’ma go outside take a look into the sky

Such as beautiful life”

The rock percussions bring the track to a hypnotic pleasure and the bountiful drums do their magic meshing with the vibrant guitars and the solid bass to bring the sound to a splendid groove that captures the essence of the track with both great gusto and tremendous spirit. Combining a striking sense of melody and a remarkable amount of instrumental interplay throughout, this is a tune to sit back, relax and enjoy whilst pouring yourself obscenely large bourbon.

The way Young Choppo interplays his vocal parts coming through as a singer in the chorus and attacking the blistering instrumentations with his rap flows is magnificent and really adds an appreciable sense of dynamism to the track’s copious melodic flourishes. The track’s mature writing is further heightened by the complete and excellent performances with Young Choppo’s versatile vocals fitting perfectly with the style of the song. The level of musicianship on display is nothing short of inspiring. Fans of rock, pop, and rap music will undoubtedly have an insanely inordinate time with this track. “Beautiful Day” is available on all major streaming platforms and has already garnered over 12K streams on Spotify alone. Follow the link below, stream the track, save it and share it while taking time to sample his other phenomenally produced tracks that are a masterclass and transcending melodically!

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