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Orange County’s favorite rap engineer YowderGod comes through with another street anthem dubbed “She Wanna” featuring Urfavxboyfriend

“She Wanna” is the type of anthem that makes you feel like you are losing your mind; you can feel your sanity slowly slipping away, and there is nothing you can do about it. I mean, the beats, the flows, the cadence, and that zebra kit are why you deserve to listen to this banger as you watch that stunning music video featuring the two collaborators trading verses in a way that gets you fired up!

For those who have come to know YowderGod, this is the kind of energy and bold lyricism he always unleashes on any record he’s on;  it does not matter whether he is rapping about gold, chains, or life in general, or whether he’s just having some fun with some rapid-fire freestyles, he always brings his A-game!

And might this be my chance to say that even though both YowderGod and Urfavxboyfriend aren’t pregnant, they really do deliver in this masterpiece. “She Wanna” is a proper and authentic street anthem and a club banger that gets the crowd wild as soon as the DJ plays it!

The provocative rhymes, shape-shifting, unique voice, and punchline-heavy bars—not forgetting that classic music video that showcases two of the best hip-hop lyricists in the game right now going at it—are why you deserved this banger in your playlist.

This is just pure vibes…the kind of music that jolts you back to reality and makes you grateful for being alive (shots for that). And that performance right there is world-class, with a near-flawless execution that makes the track feel genuinely brand new!

The energy is contagious and the flow is so smooth you might slip off of it—props to these two lyrical inventors for engineering something that will really be a fan-favorite and crowd-pleaser at those events and in the nightclubs!

To listen to “She Wanna” and get what all the hype is about, follow the attached link, and by the end of your listening experience, you’ll just be like Shhhh shhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhh- let’s f go!

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