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Ava Monroe’s “I’m Yours” is a heartfelt and beautifully touching tribute to that righteous and perfect love.

In the world of music, Ava Monroe is a refreshing anomaly. Her journey, which kicked off alongside Michael Jackson at the Super Bowl, has woven through collaborations with icons like Mariah Carey and Stevie Wonder, crafting a career as rich and diverse as her background. The daughter of sports legends—Marty Monroe, a celebrated heavyweight boxer, and Jean Dancy, an author and boxing promoter—Ava blends the defiance of the ring with the rhythm of the keys.

The first single from her upcoming album, “I’m Yours,” serves as a preview of what to expect from the phenomenally talented songstress and producer Ava Monroe, who is currently in her most creative state of mind. With this masterpiece, she collaborated with Grammy-nominated producer Tracy Carter, who also plays the hauntingly beautiful piano and brings experience far beyond reach, taking this song to new heights. “I’m Yours” is a smooth, soulful, and captivating masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression on its listeners.

This deeply moving masterpiece captures the essence of genuine love and connection. It’s a soulful masterpiece that seamlessly combines jazzy harmonies with smooth rhythms and heartfelt lyrics from R&B. On the mic, Ava uses her soulfully rich, effortlessly powerful, and emotional voice to capture the essence of the track, gliding gently and emotively over the smooth and extremely expressive foundation.

The lush instrumental arrangements, which include silky piano melodies, warm bass lines, and emotive percussion, create a luxurious sonic landscape that surrounds the listener with intimacy and romance. The smooth and velvety vocals, delivered with sincerity and passion, capture the depth of emotion and joy of being in love that feels right and perfect.

“I’m Yours” vividly depicts the beauty and magic of genuine connection, delving into themes such as trust, vulnerability, and shared experiences. The lyrics celebrate the feeling of being truly understood and appreciated by one’s partner, as well as the peace and fulfillment that comes from knowing that love is genuine and true. A love you don’t want to end because it would be extremely difficult to live without!

This contemporary jazz ballad with R&B sensibilities is a soul-stirring ode to love’s most pure moments, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the warmth and beauty of a timeless and transcendent love.

“I’m Yours” is now available for streaming across all major platforms. This is the perfect addition to any playlist, and you could use some ear candy right now.


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