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Tapping Into Her Creative Side Josy B’s, Latest Single “XX Bad” Indicates Why She Is On The Rise As The Strongest Force Of Emerging Female R&B Culture

Josy B is Puerto Rican born and raised and all her musical creations have given listeners all over universe the key to her life through stunningly innovative melodic transcendence in her musical creations that have been tapped from a rich vein of honesty, strength, self-identity and soul searching such as what was experienced in her 2010 Album, “Theory of Addicts” which is imbued with catchy rhythmic R&Bs that are backed intriguingly by her angelic and technically coached vocals. Her disruptive R&B smash hit song; “crybaby” has so far amassed over 18,370 streams on Spotify and is bound to add even more to those staggering numbers. Her latest endearing harmonic tune, “XX Bad” performed with an intimate grace and the expressive and impeccable towering vocality by Josy B has all the hallmarks of a distict musical creation that has transcended the pinnacle of musical mastery.

Her dripping vocals flow expertly with the rhythm being created by the synthesized beats that have been blended with potent precision to drive the energy of the song and emote exactly the emotions that the song was meant to. “Everything that i went through, I know it made me a beast…swear I can do anything…yeah…everything that I went through…I know it made me a boss…”are lyrics that are delivered with an indescribably beautiful vocal prowess as she channels the theme of the song with an inborn uniqueness that you have never heard of before. She says that she was thrown to the wolves and she returned leading the pack. Her confident and free spirit displayed in this track is just a perfect example of the distinct style she possesses and it is on full flair on this alluring masterclass in melodic transcendence.

She is a phoenix rising star and her uniqueness in style and sound backed by her lyrically impassioned and seamless coherent performances is the epitome of an incredibly skilled vocalist and masterful songwriter. This is just the beginning for her and what we are about to experience from her is boundary-busting musical creation that sits at the touchstone of genuine genius. Long may she live to continue blessing our ears with such aesthetic artistic beauty as, “XX Bad”

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