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Ryan Cassata Delivers An Extraordinary Piece With The Latest Title Track For His Album, “Magic Miracle Mile”

Ryan Cassata is a 28-year old award-winning singer, songwriter, actor, performer, published writer, LGBTQ activist, and motivational speaker who ply his trades in Los Angeles, California. He is a transgender melodic singer and a true force in the industry that has gone on to inspire both transgender people and every other listener in the world. Ever since he was 13 years old, he has been very vocal about transgender issues, he even become the first-ever Trans artist to perform at the much revered Warped Tour. He has also graced many televised appearances on world notable news channels such as CNN, The Larry King Live Show, and The Tyra Banks Show. His latest album, “Magic Miracle Mile” is a 14-song masterclass compilation that is embellished with honest, acoustic, punk, and melodic certified hit songs. The title track, “Magic Miracle Mile” is an aural and authentic display of lyricism and passionate delivery that pins it up there at the top of genuine genius and rests it at the pinnacle of musical mastery.

With every stroke of the keyboard key and every string of the acoustic guitar, there is an overwhelmingly alluring sensation that is created and the hypnotic sound is even made more climatic by the luminous and crisply intimate wide vocal range that Ryan Cassata delivers, a timely reminder of why his adept musicianship and an ear for arrangement is so much revered in the world. The angelic strings and the dazzling blended instrumentations are smooth and rhythmic made better with the synth riffs, the dramatic buildups, and the scratch sounds.

The vibrancy at the end will catch you by surprise as Ryan Cassata matches the instrumentation with his swift and deliberate vocality seamlessly with artistic beauty that only he is capable of. “Self tattoos in the quarantine, Seroquel and sex, and a pipe dream, through a heartbreak and I’m still clean…” are some of the lyrics that he delivers expressively on the charged-up instrumentation. This song right here is nothing short of an ingenious and stupendous certified smash hit and is just a huge testament to the kind of magical brilliance we have come to expect from such a wordsmith. He currently has over 41,480 monthly Spotify listeners and some of the endearing popular tracks from the same album include, “Loner Boy”, “Coffin”, “Mattress”, “Guard Rail” “Starfucker$” and “Interlude”.

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