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Rap Genius Lil Barrt How It’s Done With His Lyrically Impassioned and Sonically Inviting New Album, “Dream Shopper”

This rap savvy that goes professionally as Lil Barrt was born in Atlanta and raised in Cherokee in North Carolina. He has always ensured that his listeners aren’t thirsty nor hungry for that creative output as he feeds them with consistent and gratifying tracks that are not only thrilling and entertaining but also deeply relatable. He has been fashioning a musical world where he can connect intimately with his listeners by transforming real-life experiences into melodies with near-universal appeal. That way, his lyrics can resonate with many listeners who then find solace in his type of music. This is more than just the music- this is a meaningful and deeply impactful lyrical universe brought closer to within touching and hearing distance.

He has a new album, “Dream Shoppers”- an 8- piece collective stunner that he performed alongside fellow act, JK44. Together, they make a killing off of this sensational body of work with each tune seamlessly metamorphosing into the next coherently and outstandingly. This album is meant to be enjoyed from the first tune all the way to the last without cherry-picking via a remote button- each track carries its own authenticity, splendor, and theme that are ear worming and will capture the attention of global rap fanatics genuinely!

“Dream Shoppers” is primed to dominate the music landscape at beach parties, clubs, night spots and every other occasion through this sizzling summer months and beyond.  Setting the tone of the entire project, the album starts off with the track, “Got Em!” which features major dreamy vibes and exudes the aura of being somewhere on a distant island immersing yourself in rap gateway. This is the anthem for the dream chasers who started from the bottom and now they can look back with pride and shout, “I made it!”. The deep-phased basslines, atmospheric synths and drums blend proficiently and are backed by the emo-inspired composition and sing-song floaty style of rap as the boy’s club, armed with a repertoire of weighty bars drops them whilst they are still fresh and banging!

“Starbby” is that type of hypnotizing euphony that you can never get off your mind. It captures the attention and compels a listener to listen more and more with its beats sucking the emotions off of a listener in all the marvelous ways you could imagine. There is a way the sparkling beats and the rap-singing splendor amalgamate to design a blazing tune that is embellished even more with the lyrical weight that their ingeniously invented bars carry. This has to be your favorite tune!

There is style, glamour, and elegance even in the tunes like; “My Stance”, “Stay Up”, “Dmt!”, “B&B” and “Aville”- there is something for everyone and you just have to be there to experience it.

To quench your thirst for some tremendously produced tracks that boast lyrical impact and melodic grandeur; follow the attached link, stream the whole of this tune, find out your favorite jams and play them on repeat!

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