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Dallas- Based Lyrical Savvy, J.Maurice, Vows to Always “Keep You Around” in His Steaming Single

J.Maurice possesses dynamic creativity that is fueled by his insatiable passion for music and inspiration. Growing up, he had a turbulent childhood and youth and music was the only thing that afforded him peace of mind and took away the worries that were threatening to consume him whole. Having experienced the unexplainable life-saving effect music had on his life, he is now on a quest of making spectacular music that so many listeners can heavily gravitate toward. No matter the feelings and emotions, he always has a song for every occasion in life, and this is what is making him a fan favorite not only in Dallas, Texas but also in other parts of the world as well.

The arresting tune, “Keep You Around” is exactly the type of music that you never knew you needed but once you listen to it, you immediately feel a sigh of relief- you know, like something you have been waiting on for a long time has finally happened. The nostalgic compel of the old-school vibe in the melody takes you back to the 90s and early 00s and grounds your interest there.

Making its way melodiously from the intro, the alluring touch of the guitar is accompanied by male affecting R&B vocals before the more deeply laid beats featuring some striking bass, drums, and keyboard elements blend to articulate a timeless sound that you simply can’t get enough of. This is the absolute masterpiece in rap/R&B melodic transcendence!

J.Maurice breathes life into the tune; coming through with the fresh and ear-catching mature flows that display him not only as an ingenious lyrist but also as a consummate rapper who has the advantage of experience at his side. His knife-edge lyricism over the remarkably produced beats is why this tune will ring to eternity. There is a way his unique flows feel authentic and different from what you’ve always been accustomed to and that is what makes this a special gem.

This is the perfect dedication to your lover who has always been there for you and it is also universal which means you can dedicate it to anyone who has always held it down for you as you remind them that you will always keep them around!

Follow the attached link; subscribe to his YouTube channel, add the tune to your playlist and share it with everyone special in your life!

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