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LorenzoTheGawd Presents His New Eccentric Ep “IDK”

Hip-Hop has changed so much. And change brings innovators; next-level artists. If you are looking for the next big thing in Hip-Hop music, look no further than LorenzoTheGawd

A new face for a new era of music. LorenzoTheGawd is The Quintessential 2020 Artist. His ability to encapsulate so many different genres into his music complements the overall creative, and sonic quality. Skill-wise, he truly is Long Island, New York’s Most Talented Prospect!

Completely Independent, Self Sustained. Since the spawn of his career, Lorenzo has always created everything himself from snare drum to master track. Artwork to Promo

Creative mind = Creative Image. Lorenzo’s Visual Content is captivating and unique. He, and his Fiancee, VenusThe G, Make music together and always attract attention [Social Media & In Person] with their unique style and energy. Inspired by everything from 90s alternative, to punk, Pop, 90s hip hop auto-tune. And anything else in between.

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