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Seattle Based Songstress, M-Ritz, Explores the Realms of Pop Music in Her Gloriously Curated EP, “By Now”

Like a hero reborn, she takes the center stage with the mic in her hands and delivers a breathtaking vocal performance to the loud applause of the audience beaming with proud smiles to such an otherworld display of talent gracing their ears and eyes; M-Ritz is the vocal Queen hailing from Seattle in Washington who has been astonishing the musical world with her inimitable talents in songwriting and singing. Inheriting her connection to music from her family, she holds onto this moment for delight after having gone through a rollercoaster ride that finally ended with music as the destination!

She has a James Bond-inspired new 7-track EP, “By Now” that will move, entertain and empower its listener from the broad range of themes and emotions on show. This stunningly innovated EP takes you through the deep journey of love and heartbreak with some hope offered to keep a listener healed through the therapeutic melodies that blend the glamour of classic jazz with the resplendent allure of the modern pop that is flavored by Seattle’s grunge aesthesis as well as New York’s extravagant vibe!


The exceptionally detailed tune, “Pain in my Heart” is an emotion-filled pop ballad whose melancholic theme contrasts brilliantly with the addicting instrumental flow that jumps and waves with the candid pleasure of an upbeat pop tune that is felt right across a listener’s heart. Her pure and polished vocals bring out the raw emotions of hurt from heartbreak sensationally well as she draws a listener into that state of therapeutic sadness in ways only she is capable of.

Fanciful in its melodies, the extra percussions and violin add that extra pleasure and heighten the impact of this tune to ensure it is felt right in the heart and soul of a listener. There is an indescribably majestic incursion with the way she stamps her indelible print all over through the commanding vocal performance that you’d listen to all day without getting enough.

She has successfully managed to paint the sky “M-Ritz” with this performance which is enough to induct her into the Pop hall of fame.

To enjoy all the 7 tracks exclusively; follow the attached link, stream the whole EP and save your favorite tracks for repeated listening experiences.

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