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San Diego-Based Singer-Songwriter Devorah Delivers an Emotional and Catchy Tune Dubbed, “Not the Same”

I like to think that female singer Devorah’s music defies classification; even though you’d say she kind of maintains a pop and R&B brand, her music also attempts to embody her diverse influences, which is why we cannot contain her under one restrictive box—it would be unfair. That and the fact that she has got the voice and self-sustained swagger that can absolutely fit anywhere! Sonically, what you get from Devorah is the ultimate collection of ear worming music featuring a strong dose of vivid lyricism and one that will take you to places of your own choosing within no time as you find yourself savoring the thickness and the variety of her first-class musicianship.

In her latest masterpiece, “Not the Same,”  a listener is taken through the story of a heartbroken but strong woman who, despite falling out of love, has discovered that the person she thought she was in love with already had someone by their side.

I love how the raw emotions come out so endearingly; you can hear the understated melancholy in her effortlessly powerful voice that really mingles with the pop melodies fashionably to underscore the theme of this tune.

With a somewhat modern vibe, the beats are modest and evocative; they have not been overdone and certainly offer the perfect bed of support for Devorah’s raw and ear worming vocals to thrive. Her sense of phrasing is impeccable, and this tune has easily quotable lines that you can just vibe along to.

The chorus particularly; “Take it for what it is, it’s not the same

Take it for what it is, it’s not the same

Take it for what it is

I am not the same girl that I was before falling out of love” is deeply memorable and has been performed with such a haunting tone that will remain with you outside of this tune.

With such a powerful anthem that has been delivered so graciously and passionately, there can only be one way that this ends: with “Not the Same” in your playlist.

Follow the attached link to stream this track, and make sure you also check out the other tracks from Devorah’s impressive discography!

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