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Rap Duo P$A Bring Lyricist, Byrd, on Board for a Powerful 80S Reimagined Track, “Someone Stay”

There is a new certified summer anthem with us dubbed, ‘Someone Stay”- an authentic 80s reengineered tune that was influenced by the 80’s themed sample of the SOS Band’s “No One’s Gonna Love You” and performed by rap masters and wizards, P$A and Byrd. This feel-good rap stunner maintains the 80’s inspired theme whilst also managing to flaunt some legitimacy owing to the performers on stage. They all bring their A-game to make sure you play this tune over and over without getting enough off of it.

Telling a great tale that involves having the time of your life and living large, every performer here brings something uniquely different and dynamic at the same time. Byrd is the first on stage and he makes sure you remember his name- delivering a lyrical feast that can feed an entire generation of hip-hop lovers; he gives ode to the theme of the tune in his flavored rap flows.

Ace on the other hand flexes his rap muscles over the addicting beats and rightly so. He like a true hip-hop believer manages to pull a listener with his artistic brilliance that knows when and how to drop the bars. Capital P comes through making a grand entrance like the most decorated rapper of all times and his lyrical invention is second to none. He is able to redefine his lyricism that echoes poetic roots to leave a listener thoroughly entertained and astonished.

The gist of this track always goes back to the catchy chorus and the heavy hip-hop beats are the cornerstone of this exotic smash hit. This will undeniably elevate any playlist it is added to. The lovers of the 80s and 90s engineered hip-hop will find a lot to digest throughout the performance and is why it is an easy recommendation to anyone who understands authentic rap music.

“Someone Stay” is now available on all the major streaming platforms; follow the attached link, stream the tune, save it as a favorite and play it on repeat all summer long!

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