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Eccentric Band, A Couple Mondays, Based off of Philadelphia Dazzle with Their Latest Terrific Single, “25000”

A Couple Monday 25000

An idiosyncratic band that identifies with a multiverse of genres in their music style; A Couple Mondays have been bringing back the good old memories where music ignited deep and thoughtful feelings and emotions that seemed to last forever: Just think about your favorite tunes from back in the days and how they make you feel right now- that is exactly the melodic universe the band is trying to replicate by making ageless music that will still be enjoyed by incoming generations after them. Spearheaded by the multi-instrumentalist, composer, and performer La’Monte, this band is limitless in the flair they possess!

Their latest single, “25000” is proof of their dynamism and boundless projection- colored in a touching thrill of the old-school hip-hop wave that prides itself in rhythm and style, “25000” also boasts a certain coruscating implant of that punk rock attitude with the colorful blends of the soul print and funk spark following in to articulate a near perfect sound that you simply cannot get enough off!

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There is an alluringly emotive percussion that is finely layered and keeps delightfully haunting a listener throughout to keep them heavily invested in this shimmery tune. This is that type of track that makes you want to get up and bust some moves of your own like no one’s watching. It has that danceable mojo that makes you feel young again and want to move your body.

The soul-stirring vocal performances by the lead vocalist La’Monte will grow itself on any listener as he is able to showcase his flexibility over the beats- flawlessly and smoothly gliding over in enchanting fashion as he mellifluously sings the catchy chorus and changes lanes with some swift bar dropping in rap mastery that is so fascinating to experience.

Every element in the beats are stupendously mixed and mastered for that gratifying and unmistakable candor that ensures this tune carries the authentic stamp of the band that is reflected in the originality and bona fides!

This is a therapeutic melody and for anyone who has had their fair share of bad love from the ‘bad girls’ who were capable of taking away your soul; then this is the tune to deeply resonate with as the lyrics fashion a mirror-like reflection of everything you were facing and still trying to run away from!

To get entertained and impacted by this tune that will certainly leave a lasting impression on you; follow the attached link, stream it and save it as a favorite from this day henceforth!

Catch Up With A Couple Mondays on:

Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"

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