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Chicago’s finest musical star and rapper, SteezyLaFlame, is set to release his highly-anticipated album “Sex Symbol.”

There’s no doubt that SteezyLaFlame’s ability to reinvent his brand and fearlessly experiment with his sound is an undeniable statement to his talent and burgeoning fame, ultimately making himself into some sort of iconic star by pioneering his own blend of rap over darkly energetic and lush electronic soundscapes. Ever since he stepped into the game, he has managed to stand out from the masses and gain increasing recognition with his innovative style of hip-hop, rap, and Latin dance. Delivering a continuous stream of impressive releases on a variety of different imprints, his larger-than-life productions have garnered attention on a global scale.

Everyone is now talking about his upcoming release, dubbed “Sex Symbol”- the third studio album from this multitalented performer, as he continues displaying his limitless versatility and creativity both as a musician and storyteller.

An 11-track album with a bonus track, number 12, SteezyLaFlame threw everything he had into this album in the hope that it would claim and surpass higher expectations and ultimately beat his previous one, “Baby Flame.”

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, he has concocted some irresistible records in the vein of his own imagination, blending rap, dance, Latin, and electronic soundscapes for one transportational and hypnotic listening experience that will leave you hungry for more.

There are dance-floor stompers such as the highly acclaimed “Accompańar” and “Truth” as well as brand new stunners such as “Need Me” and “Devious” that are guaranteed to leave you in that state of music-inspired euphoria.

Alongside his clear production proficiency, SteezyLaFlame’s ability to showcase a stellar performance on this album is guaranteed to earn him a reputation as one of rap’s most talented upcoming stars.

SteezyLaFlame has always looked at this album as his, and thanks to his hard work, relentless work ethic, and pure determination to see it through, it finally will be. He considers this music to be, along with your faith in him, the best thing that’s ever been his!

“Sexy Symbol” stems from his earlier years when girls called him that name, and it is easy to see why; he’s just easy on the eyes with his striking features and irresistible charm.

Sex Symbol” will officially debut on August 25, 2023, and it is not one to miss for lovers of music with relatable lyrics, emotive vocals, hypnotic production, and an eccentric appearance!

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