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Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter Franki Love Collaborates With Music Producer And Composer Michael Hoppe on her upcoming album “THE SKY”

Franki Love is a dreamer with the soul of an artist; classically trained pianist, she began playing the piano at age four. She kicked off her career by performing at local coffee shops in Los Angeles, where she won the attention of many renowned producers and musicians. She enjoys the energy of performing for large audiences and the intimacy of a solo piano show equally. With a distinct style, a soulful voice, and mature lyrics, Franki is able to take her years of experience and songwriting prowess and translate them into beautiful songs. As an artist who is always ready to take on the industry, her music showcases that she is as dynamic as she is talented and that she is ready to rise to the summit.

The big news coming from Franki is concerning the pending release of her new album, “THE SKY”- a collaborative work on which she worked with the legendary artists and producers, Hex Hector, Steven Halpern, and Michael Hoppe. This full-length project is expected to debut in September. The good news is that now you can pre-order this timeless piece of work by clicking the link in Franki Love’s bio.

“Heidi’s Waltz” is a single off of this album that she worked on with another renowned English musician, composer, and record producer, Michael Hoppé and it is such a sonic beauty that is brimming with crystal clear polish and melodic elegance.

Other than the technical dexterity and excellent arrangement, this track is a celebration of what really happens when two exceptionally gifted artists come together, each recognizing what the other is worth. I can assure you that magic happens because what I have just listened to is nothing short of magical.

The tune features a splendid piano that sets the tone for the song. The piano has been thoughtfully played with skilled touch of Michael Hoppe and Franki backs that up with her angelic vocals, exuding such an ethereal feel that gets you completely lost in the music.

This is such a beautifully haunting exploration of emotion and sound that any music lover can appreciate it regardless of genre affiliation.

This single will officially drop in mid-September 2023. I can assure you that it is definitely worth the wait.

Well, there is even more reason to be excited for the whole “THE SKY” album if timeless classics like “Heidi’s Waltz” are what we are going to be getting.

Follow Franki on Instagram, and make sure you pre-order this album and spread the news to your friends and family!

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