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Indonesian singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and composer Abhi Ananda delivers emotional resonance with his latest album “Melophile.”

American-based Indonesian singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and composer Abhi Ananda is an exceptional artist who transcends musical norms, prioritizing authentic life narratives and global connections. He has been an artist from a young age, and his talents encompass music, lyrics, vocals, instrumentals, and astute artistic development. Unstoppably devoted, Ananda has channeled the years he has been in the music industry to come up with one of the most fascinating and engrossing cross-genre discographies, which has seen him hailed as one of the music industry’s hottest trailblazers. He prides himself on his non-conformity and ability to effortlessly move through different sounds while remaining himself and at home in them all.

Acclaimed for his strength and versatility on stage, screen, and behind the scenes, he creates music inspired by his personal experiences as well as writes through the lens of watching other people. As an artist and composer, Ananda is pulled by his desire to inspire, entertain, and empower his audiences.

Taking a departure from the compositional style and singing that defined his “Exulansis” album, his latest album “Melophile” is an ambient and dominantly instrumental body of work that straddles the realms of New Age, Neo Classical, and piano-flavored soundscapes, displaying yet another eccentric side to his artistry as well as his boundless creativity and versatility both as a composer and instrumentalist.

“Daybreak” featuring Hisako Ozawa lays the groundwork for this spellbinding body of work and is really striking in its filmic color and sonic elegance, demanding a listener’s attention from that thick wave of percussion and offering a transportational listening experience.

Engulfed in a wave of tranquility and wrapping around the listener like a warm embrace, the tune, “Meliora” exudes such a warm and peaceful atmosphere from the mellow piano tunes, progressing exquisitely and gaining more color and depth from the addition of the guitar, bass, electric riffs, and some subtle vocal percussion as it progresses, before adopting an ambient and laid-back feel towards the end.

“Snowbound” features a thoughtfully played piano and graciously whisks a listener away to a place close to paradise as the warmth of the piano tones permeate throughout and soothe your soul in a way that is hard to describe but easy to listen to.

“In Reality” is quite cinematic and cathartic, backed by intense feelings that come out from the passionately hit keys, taking a listener with it from the start all the way to the end. This track is trying to communicate something, and it does if you listen to it carefully.

Hypnotic waves of piano hit you from the get-go in the track, “Fall In E Minor” and before you know it, you are completely lost in the music, feeling yourself, and at peace with the world. You can’t help but escape into the world of Ananda’s creation, as he probably envisioned when creating this masterpiece!

“Won’t Say Goodbye” is a masterclass in classic jazz; it is strikingly simple but with a full sound thanks to that lively concoction of the piano, guitar, bass, and drums. With this composition, Ananda bridges that human connection in a way that leaves nothing to be desired thanks to such crystal clear polish and outstanding showmanship.

An artist of undeniable skill, talent, and exceptional artistry, Ananda has proven once more that he is a versatile musician who cannot be boxed and still ticks all the boxes. He is destined to flourish as an innovative artistic powerhouse…you watch this space!

In its entirety, “Melophile” is a must-have for fans of great music and for anyone who likes their music smooth, gentle, and still powerful, as well as transcendental.

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