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We’re a cohesive team of elite writers and music fans who enjoy being the first to assess brave, new musical acts in an overcrowded blogosphere.

We could pull the same old, tired “music for people who hate music” joke but we won’t. This is a place for open-minded listeners who’ve graduated from Taylor Swift and are looking for new fresh music to flex their ears to.

Our music review blog covers everything non-mainstream indie and underground music. We cover a wide range of genres, including indie rock, R&B, hip hop, metal, and jazz. We analyze the music rather than the artists who make it. We have something for you if you enjoy independent music.

Our purpose is to provide unbiased and helpful reviews of indie music singles, EP’s and Albums.

Every now and then, we’ll toss in some indie movie or book reviews. You just never know. Perhaps you’ll find something you enjoy.