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Rapidly and rightfully rising Atlanta hip-hop and rap hotshot BBA TRIGGA is back with another epic collection dubbed “Trigganometry, Vol 2. (GREEN)”

If you haven’t yet heard of BBA TRIGGA, I guess this is exactly the right time for you to get acquainted with this hip-hop and rap genius who is making waves in Atlanta and beyond. His musical expression reveals itself in the form of hip-hop, rap, and trap genres, backed by meticulous beat selection and a pen game that is replete with unorthodox and masterful flows, autobiographical rhymes, and a creative approach to rap. Each record displays a young, passionate artist seeking to assert his lyrical prowess and leave his mark on the global rap scene. As the son of ATL icon Russell “Big Block” Spencer, CEO of Block ENT, it’s evident that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all!

Dedicated to the purity of authentic hip hop and sticking to crafting lyrically soundtracks on some of the best trap beats out there, TRIGGA is not your ordinary rapper; his stage presence is unmatched and his delivery showcases showmanship way beyond his years.

BBA returns with “Trigganometry, Vol 2. (GREEN),” a 7-track album and a huge testament to his limitless creativity and versatility both as a storyteller and musician! With this project, his vision comes increasingly to fruition—he’s shooting for the stars. In a world bound by limitations and expectations, TRIGGA harnesses his dangerously expanding ambition in an effort to identify himself in a world of his own.

This album is the embodiment of persistence and passion from a young artist, providing an expansive and impassioned project in his musical journey. A project rooted in the traditionalism of the hip-hop and trap genres, “Trigganometry, Vol 2. (GREEN)” is a next-level project for BBA.

The opening track, “HONEY BUN” is a bona fide standout and the perfect way to introduce a listener to this album. There are street tales, wise perspectives, and thought-provoking observations set to a sick, hypnotic, deep-phased banging beat that features signature hi-hats, sawtooth synths, resounding 808s, driving bass, and drums.

On the mic, BBA comes off as confident, charismatic, and mature, detailing the things that matter most to him in life. With a creatively referential approach to his rhymes, he transports audiences into his world and leaves them emotionally gratified and thoroughly entertained but still hungry for more. This track has undeniable commercial appeal.

I won’t lie; the track “MOTION MAN” featuring Flo Malcom is by far my favorite from this album. There is something special about this jam that left a lasting impression on me. The beat is stupendous, the flows are simply sophisticated, and the music is simply too good!

I actually got similar vibes to Gucci Mane’s sound when listening to this banger. And I love how nothing has been overdone—just first-class emcees bringing their A-games over an otherworldly beat to deliver a sound that transcends the music itself. Kudos to everyone involved in this jam that had me feeling like I was floating on the moon and reaching for the galaxies!

A track like “Limpin” showcases another fierce side to BBA’s artistry as he drops some rapid-fire freestyles over the hard-hitting beat.

“Aint Finna Stop” features an intoxicating beat that makes you feel ‘high’ literally as you move to the beat with reckless abandon. I listened to this track off of my car speakers, and it was a crazy, unforgettable experience. And in case you were wondering, this is an affirmation that TRIGGA ain’t stopping aiming for the moon and shooting for the stars…as a matter of fact, he has barely scratched the surface. By the time he is done with y’all, his name will be gold-plated in the rap Hall Of Fame!

Support this album by following the link below, listening to it in its entirety, and adding the tracks you dig most to your playlist.

For more exciting updates, check out BBA TRIGGA on Instagram @BBATRIGGA and TikTok @BBATRIGGA

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