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Fast-rising Ottawa-based emcee Aboujee drops some jewels with his new banger, “Magic”

Aboujee is the real definition of started from the bottom; now we are here. Born in Qatar and raised in Canada, Aboujee, life was not a walk in the park for him. His childhood was marred by life struggles growing up in crime-infested neighborhoods, which did not particularly provide the best breeding grounds for his creative talents. The fact that he is here is a huge testament to his fortitude, resiliency, and mental strength.

His latest banger, “Magic,” has been generating considerable buzz both in Ottawa and beyond and really gives an ode to Aboujee’s rise from the depths of ruins to the heights of success. This is an empowering reminder to anyone out there that indeed, no situation is permanent!

Set to a futuristic trap beat with signature hi-hats, snares, sawtooth bass, 808s, and powerful drums, this production is hypnotic and offers solid support for Aboujee’s smooth and effortless flows as he walks over the beat with such swag, attitude, and elegance.

More than his smooth verses and elegant play on words, “Magic” really is a story that depicts a rise from childhood struggles to achieving success through hard work, a relentless work ethic, unwavering determination, and sheer will to succeed.

The captivating hook is at the core of this release because it is where the gist of this banger resides with rhymes such as;

“I came up from nothing

Now I’m havoc

Chrome heart on my shirt

She said she’s liking how I’m dressed

She say I’m Cuban

She keep lookin at my diamonds” really demonstrating his change of fortunes…from nothing to a successful artist who now flexes with expensive toys and beautiful women.

The music video, shot using an iPhone, is another testament to Aboujee’s talent and creativity and really complements this track graciously and expensively.

The future looks dazzlingly bright for Aboujee, who just recently started music in 2022 and has been wreaking havoc and demanding the industry’s attention with every new track he creates.

Aboujee’s journey is just beginning, and he aims to leave an indelible mark on the music scene and represent Ottawa on the global stage.

Check out “Magic” by following the attached link, subscribing to his YouTube channel, liking this visual, adding the song to your library, and recommending it to your friends.

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