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Experience a Dazzling Tribute to the Golden Age of Psych Music with Aidy’s Latest EP ’80 &the END TIMES’

Aidy is a prolific recording artist navigating today’s alternative psych landscape with an air of authenticity and a righteous, self-empowered swagger. He makes music that takes listeners to a distant place within the realms of folk, rock, and pop with his eclectic catalog of melody-driven songs. A prime fusion of emotive vocals, bass virtuosity, and insane guitar licks is his style in a nutshell, which really distinguishes him from all the others on the market today. Still, in college, this prodigy’s astonishing work ethic has produced a balanced student-work mentality, making him an inspiration to many young aspiring artists who are determined to pursue an education and be involved in music.

With his latest EP, “80 &the END TIMES”, Aidy is poised to take his career to the next level. A 4-track collection, “80 &the END TIMES” is brimming with sublime guitar virtuosity, with Aidy and his team combining a marvelous sense of showmanship with awe-inspiring musicality. Aidy offers up a smorgasbord of alternate-picked runs, sweeping arpeggios, out-of-this-world tapping, and liquid legato lines in some of the tracks that both dazzle and astound!

Having grown up listening to many of the instrumental guitar greats, it’s great to hear an artist such as Aidy continue to keep this style of guitar playing alive. With a deeply heartwarming theme at its heart, “80 &the END TIMES” serves as a passionate and endearing tribute to the golden age of 60s and 70s psych music.

As aforementioned, the sheer amount of technical dexterity on display is magnificent. “Dog Days” is a masterclass in guitar technique. The track starts calmly with a guitar solo, and as the track builds, there is that seamless blend of guitars and an explosion of vocals to take the track to greater heights. In this tune, there is a plethora of intriguing and varied guitar techniques on display that allow the many melodic elements of the track to be expressed in a swarm of interesting and diverse ways.

In a track like “Unknowns,” which I feel has an understated folk-rock vibe to it, each technique possesses a very specific tonal quality that results in fascinating timbral and textural changes that occur throughout, helping to augment that continuous excitement to the arrangement. From that performance, you can also grasp the raw emotional tones perfectly.

“Aidy and the End Times” featuring female vocalist Bahina, is warm and exudes a haunting summer feel, with Aidy’s exuberant vocal presentation toned down by Bahina’s elegant and inimitable voice. With this track, it is easy to escape your mind and feel like you are in the middle of a beach party!

As someone who wants to tell a story, Aidy decides to do so by taking the listener to a typical evening bonfire with a guitar by the sea in the track, “BIG small”. In this production, Aidy seeks a balance between a typical folk feel and more classic rock percussion, wrapping the sound with a persuasive and haunting feel.

With, “80 &the END TIMES”, Aidy demonstrates experience and talent, not only in the tone and interpretation of the songs but also by managing to embellish his performances with well-calibrated expressive touches that make this EP stand out.

“80 &the END TIMES” has the potential to be a hit, and we will surely hear a lot of it this year, between radios, digital platforms, and even clubs!

To listen to this EP in its entirety; follow the attached link and lose yourself in this musical adventure!

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