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Chicago-Based up and Coming Multi-Genre Songstress Aiseneya Has a New Entrancing Pop-Inspired Single, “Formula(Reboot)”

Her journey in the music industry is one that has been marked by experimentation all the way to self-discovery; – the artist she is now is a result of the many musical influences and variety of sounds she tried before she could nail a consistent brand and this is in no way to mean that she is limited; she is very versatile as she fashions a rich sound that cuts across the R&B, soul, and pop genres. What began as just an insatiate passion for music has grown wings and is ready to fly to unprecedented heights. In case you are wondering who we are on here, this is the story of one singer-songwriter Aiseneya who is based out of Chicago.

I really feel like the highlight of her versatility and growth came out exceptionally when she released her 2021 4-track EP “Dark Matter” which has some eclectic tunes that really mirror the kind of artist she is and how far she has come. It really is fascinating because I noticed a very huge improvement from the tracks in the EP with her latest single “Formula(Reboot).” This goes on to show you the kind of artist Aiseneya is; one who is always improving and does not shy from experimenting with new sounds to see what comes off of it.

As an innate performer, she just wants to tell her stories in her own way. As such, she feels most alive when she is blending vivid lyricism and clever storytelling over any type of beats in a way that not only entertains her listeners but also impacts them. It is her objective to create music that fans can relate to on a more personal level and I feel she is getting there, one song at a time!

“Formula(Reboot)” has a deeply relatable theme at its core; this tune that was inspired by a personal experience is all about selfish people who deceive others into a relationship for convenience and let’s face it, we have experienced these kinds of situations where someone treats you like their back up option and when you realize it and is ready to call it quits, they threw in some love and starts treating you right before going back to their default settings.

Now, in this scenario, after Aiseneya is taken through the rollercoaster (the back & forth), she has had enough and garnered the courage to call it quits once and for all; she has got his “Formula(Reboot)” figured out and there is no going back. It’s more like the case of fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me three times, hell no, you can’t fool me twice and fool me again!

“Formula(Reboot)” has cinematic qualities and deep, catchy and danceable pop-esque melodies as her plush vocals warm themselves over the instrumentation with impeccable precision and clarity. I also love how the song absolutely picks up in the chorus and as the tune develops, new, fresh and innovative musical ideas are integrated in terms of lyricism and melodicism to keep a listener heavily invested in this track.

I couldn’t help but feel like while developing the sound for this particular single, Aiseneya wanted it to have that rich flavor that somehow projected her journey through music to where she currently is as an artist. In any case, you cannot doubt that in “Formula(Reboot)”, she delves deeper into the creative process, and in a way, this single really is a projection of who she is as an artist; a peek into her very growth not only as an artist but also as a human being.

“Formula(Reboot)” is indeed an illustrative reflection of the signature style that Aiseneya continues to develop. This tune undeniably fits in most listeners’ ears due to its emotional vibe and the surprise additions throughout its length. I feel like when making this tune, Aiseneya actually wanted people to listen to it and be surprised about how good it actually is!

To find out just how good “Formula(Reboot)” is; follow the attached link and if you deem it good enough, let it elevate your playlist!

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