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Buzzing Around With Style and Authenticity Is the Wordsmith Akapa Supay Lyrically Taking You Around the Concrete “Jungle” of New York

Akapa Supay Jungle

Akapa Supay is a young ruler of his trap throne and apart from being an exceptional entertainer; this lyrical wizard is also a freelance photographer, multi-instrumentalist, martial artist, and boxer! His style of music is dynamic and impactful as he takes on the role of a trap soul artist who is able to deliver some powerful bars as well as rap-sing attractively over some addicting beats. The dream is for his music to influence so many listeners from all over the world as he blends the nostalgia of old-school rap with the vibrancy of the trap sound for that perfect universally appealing sound!

The track, “Jungle” is a hit anthem from the top to the base and his heartfelt performance on this track will leave a lasting impression on any listener. There is a way he is able to effortlessly make this tune stick melodically and lyrically. The captivating keyboard intro followed closely by the vintage and wavy synth lines that meld with the capstone chorus is what introduces you to your favorite jam.


His voice uniquely amalgamates with the rhythmic beats for that ethereally fulfilling experience as you get lost in this phenomenal track, marveling at how easily Supay switches his flows-occasionally operating with proficiency between sing-song and bar-drop. This is that kind of track that easily draws you in and before you know it, it is long gone and you have to put it on loop for another dose of its therapeutic glamour!

Akapa really does put his soul and heart into this performance and by reaffirming he is from New York City and flexin’ all right, the message behind the lyrics goes deep and requires deciphering; it’s all about knowing your worth and walking away from people who you feel no longer value you and really don’t deserve you!

The perfect soundtrack for the summer and fall; “Jungle” which is a single from the album, “The Devil’s Album” is the type of track you need to start your day in the right mood.

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